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Success found this Broomfield business owner and now she is paying it forward

Aurelia Grinstead brings equity and accessibility to her real estate business
Aurelia G Homes LLC works to connect with clients in their native language.

Aurelia Grinstead helps everybody find a home and their place in the community 

When Aurelia Grinstead came to America from the Filipines she felt the only way to make ends meet was to work multiple jobs. Little did she know that with the help of some friends, she would find a career and a community.

Grinstead owns Aurelia G Homes LLC — a real estate company in Broomfield — an occupation, Grinstead said chose her. 

One of Grinstead’s friends was ready to sell her house and wanted to know if Grinstead had thought about becoming a real estate agent. 

“And I said ‘no’ because during that time I didn't even have an extra $20, and English is not my first language. So I wasn't confident that this was something that I could do. When you talk about contracts and stuff like that, I just didn't think that it was something that I would be able to do” Grinstead said. 

Confident in Grinstead’s abilities, her friend paid for Grinstead to obtain her real estate license and offered her own home as the first for Grinstead to sell. 

“And she said to me, ‘the more you have, the more resources you can share, right?’ And I always try to live up to that” Grinstead said.  

Her friend’s faith has set up Grinstead to become a successful businesswoman who has sold 174 homes since her friend’s. But her work hasn’t stopped there.

Grinstead volunteers for numerous organizations. She said she is committed to growing a stronger community by helping others become homeowners. 

“We help build communities one family at a time. And we believe that when a strong family has a home, when somebody has a house, it helps the family become stable. A stable family creates a stable community and a stable community creates a sustainable country,” Grinstead said.  

Grinstead said many people feel like homeownership is unattainable — a feeling she once felt herself — but she assures everybody can find a home that suits their needs with the right help and assistance. 

One such assistance is making sure everyone can understand how to navigate the housing market and financial obligations in the language they are most comfortable speaking. Utilizing local resources such as the Asian Real Estate Association of America, Grinstead is in the process of expanding her team so language isn’t a barrier for anybody in the community. 

“I'm trying to get more agents to join my team … So I am looking for other agents that speak different languages, one way of eradicating those barriers to homeownership. We're looking for agents that speak a different language, regardless of what language it is,” Grinstead said.