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Broomfield Council looks at new parking permit rules, expansion

An ordinance was proposed that would amend the city and county’s municipal code.
A proposed ordinance would expand permit-only parking into Broomfield Heights.

Broomfield City Council is looking at a proposed ordinance that would update parking permit rules in the municipal code, and expand the permit-only area. 

A first reading for the proposed ordinance was held during the Council meeting Tuesday.

The municipal code amendments would expand permit-only parking to include the Broomfield Heights subdivision, allow guests of residents in the city and county’s permit-only areas to request temporary permits and remove the permit-only date and time restrictions from the code.

The permit-only expansion into Broomfield Heights is particularly important as the Broomfield Town Square project develops, said Deven Shaff, Ward 3 councilmember.

“There is going to be such an influx of people coming into that area, and there’s a residential neighborhood right next to the Town Square,” Shaff said. “So there is a concern that there will be folks parking in front of people’s houses and eliminating their on-street parking. Many of those residents either have single-car garages, don’t have garages or have alley garages — so they park out in front of their houses.”

Sarah Holder, a Broomfield Heights resident, said adding permit-only parking to her neighborhood may reduce crime.

“We have people who come to the neighborhood and park to scope out the homes,” Holder said.

Resident Norrie Rothenberg agreed that permit-only parking may cut down on crime, and said the proposed ordinance would benefit the neighborhood.

“Yeah, I think I’d go for it,” Rothenberg said.

Resident Miles Britton said the municipal code change would help ensure he has a space to park every day.

“I don’t see a problem with it, I think it’s a good idea,” he said.

Under the current municipal code, permit-only parking restrictions for approved blocks is in effect from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Aug. 15 to June 15, except for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. But people will likely be driving to the Broomfield Town Square year-round, and parking for longer hours during the day — so removing the permit-only date and time restrictions from the code would allow more flexibility to protect resident parking, Shaff said. 

If the code changes take effect, parking restrictions would be enacted through policy tailored to specific neighborhoods. A list of the areas with date and time restrictions would be posted on the city and county’s website, according to a City Council memo.

“In order to receive approval for a permit-only parking block, homeowners must provide signatures of approval from 2/3 of the residents living on said block,” the memo to City Council read. “Currently, permit-only parking areas have been requested by residents and approved within several blocks adjacent to Broomfield High School, Prospect Ridge Academy, Emerald Elementary, County Commons, Mountain View Elementary, and the Eagle Trace Golf Club.”

A public hearing on the proposed ordinance to amend the municipal code is scheduled for Nov. 29.