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Broomfield Library records 80K digital checkouts so far this year

Here are the most popular eBooks and eAudiobooks at the Broomfield library.
"Generations," a bronze statue by Ann Larose graces the front lawn at the Broomfield Library.

Avid readers don’t need to break the bank buying new digital books each week — many are checking out their favorite content from the Broomfield Library. 

There were 79,453 eBook and eAudiobook checkouts from the library’s OverDrive collection from January through September this year, and 40,124 digital magazine checkouts, said Esther Knox-Stutsman, operations manager with the Broomfield Library.

“There’s a lot of nice accessibility features with the digital content, like readers can adjust the font size to suit their vision needs,” she said.

OverDrive, one of the world’s largest digital content catalog companies, serves more than 81,000 libraries and schools. The collection allows the Broomfield Library to offer a variety of content that may not be available in physical form, Knox-Stutsman said.

“So we are looking at — are books available in multiple languages? Are they available in audio? Are they available digitally? Large print? There are so many formats that might suit someone’s individual needs,” she said. “We just want to make sure our collection is as accessible as possible to the community, to be reaching as many people as we can.”

Here is some of the most popular digital content at Broomfield Library:

  1. “It Ends with Us,” by Colleen Hoover (eAudiobook)

  2. “I'm Glad My Mom Died,” by Jeanette McCurdy (eAudiobook)

  3. “Verity,” by Colleen Hoover (eBook)

  4. “It Ends with Us,” by Colleen Hoover (eBook)

  5. “Book Lovers,” by Emily Henry (eBook)

  6. “Lessons in Chemistry,” by Bonnie Garmus (eBook) 

Broomfield Library cardholders checked out 96,666 eBooks and eAudiobooks from the OverDrive collection in 2021, Knox-Stutsman said. 

The Broomfield Library is part of the Flatirons Library Consortium, which also includes 10 other public libraries in Lafayette, Louisville, Boulder, Longmont and Loveland. Under the consortium, libraries work together to increase community access to books — both digital and physical.

Around 790,355 eBooks, eAudiobooks and other digital materials have been checked out of consortium libraries’ OverDrive collection so far this year, according to Knox-Stutsman. The consortium expects to surpass its 2021 digital checkouts — a total of 971,645 — and reach 1 million this year.

To access digital content, readers need to sign up for a card at the Broomfield Library, 3 Community Park Rd. The Front Range Downloadable Library can then be accessed online or on the Libby app

Broomfield Library cardholders can also access databases, streaming services, online learning and news.