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Broomfield Resettlement Task Force updates Board requirements

Please fill out the application by March 23, 2023


We have extended the deadline to apply and expanded the applicant pool to require any volunteer experience! If you have the desire to serve our refugee population by serving on our board, please apply below! Or, pass this on to someone you know who would love to serve! We have worked hard to fundraise for our families, and we would like to disburse these funds in an equitable way. Your service on our board provides a pathway for successful resettlement.

Please fill out the application below by March 23rd 2023

The only requirement for the BRTF board is that you must have served in a volunteer capacity (with any volunteer group in the US), and to prevent any displays of favoritism, we will not allow any cosponsors of families or family members of Broomfield refugees serve on the board. We will have 7 members and preference is given to board members who exemplify at least one of the qualities listed below:

  • Ability, experience, and desire to assist in fundraising, outreach, and being resourceful
  • Lived experience as an immigrant or migrant
  • Military Service: Out of country
  • Experience in assisting the resettlement of immigrant/migrant populations

Meetings will likely happen in the evenings via online conferencing, however there will be opportunities for in-person engagement. Meetings will likely take place every 3-4 months, depending on fundraising, and the terms will be 5 people serving 2 years and 2 people serving 1 year. We will also choose 2 alternates should the original 7 not be able to fulfill their terms.

Apply for the BRTF Board