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Candidate profile: Erik Aadland, House of Representatives CD 7

Erik Aadland is a candidate for the 7th Congressional District.
Erik Aadland is a candidate for the 7th Congressional District.

Republican candidate Erik Aadland is going up against State Sen. Brittany Petterson, a Democrat, for Colorado’s 7th Congressional District seat.

The candidates are vying to take the seat of Ed Perlmutter, who announced his retirement earlier this year.

The newly drawn district, which shifted west and south, includes western Adams County and northern Jefferson County. 

The Broomfield Leader asked the candidates questions about their campaigns — here are Aadland’s responses.

Campaign website:

If you are elected, what’s the top issue that you will advocate for in the U.S. House?

Since the health of the economy impacts all aspects of Americans’ lives, my top priority must be to reenergize the economy and restore affordability by reducing inflation. There is a proven way to do it: stop reckless spending. Massive spending bills, despite their misleading branding, push inflation higher when spending exceeds tax revenue. The resulting deficit is covered by printing more money, which, by excessively increasing the money supply, devalues each of your dollars. We must not allow our government to operate as though it can print money endlessly to cover for bad decisions.

What are the other important issues that are part of your campaign platform?

I will advocate for Congress to recommit to public safety. This starts with securing our southern border and stopping the flow of deadly Chinese-manufactured fentanyl into our communities. In addition, we must deal with out-of-control crime by restoring respect for law enforcement and ending all attempts to defund the police.

We must also quickly restore sound energy policy and American energy independence. We know that modern technologies for oil and natural gas production can maintain our high standard of living as we seek out more sustainable and cleaner sources of energy.  However, we must not allow sustainability to come at the expense of national security, a diminished economy, harsher living conditions, or loss of global power. Wise use of existing sources of energy, coupled with well-researched, market-proven emerging technologies, will enhance lifestyles for everyone while preserving our planet for future generations. 

Some communities in our state, such as Broomfield, have outgrown their resources, which causes problems with affordability, infrastructure, education and the environment. How can Colorado leaders minimize the impact of this growth for residents?

The rapid growth of Colorado communities presents an opportunity for leadership in sound, responsive governance. I believe the key to enabling growth of opportunity is protecting the priorities of middle class families. This means that there must be a particular focus on maintaining affordability and safe communities. The solutions are clear: end reckless government spending, establish a stable and limited regulatory environment for industry, control the southern border, and restore trust in our law enforcement agencies.

I also understand the growing concern about our water resources. Fortunately, intelligent management of these resources at the federal, state, and local levels can strike a balance between the needs of a growing population and the health of our lands and wildlife. The Tri-State Agreement and Platte River Recovery Implementation Program is just one example of how judicious management of our natural resources can be made to harmonize these disparate requirements.

My guiding principle facing all of these issues is to maintain decision making power at the local or state level whenever possible. My role as a Congressman will be to facilitate rather than dictate.

What experience would you bring to the seat, if elected?

Many decorated combat veterans like myself have continued to serve their country in Congress. Likewise, many individuals with a business background have been elected. I believe, though, that I would be one of few members of Congress with extensive military, energy sector, and international project management experience combined in both the public and private sectors. The breadth of my experience suits me to get things done well.

What are the central differences between you and the other candidate seeking this seat?

I am not a politician. I am merely a citizen spurred to action by the crises facing our country. I never designed my life to run for public office, but my experiences have nonetheless prepared me to be a servant leader representing Coloradans in Congress. This is an important distinction because we’ve had enough unaccountable governance from self-serving career politicians. I may not yet have a voting record, but I can promise that, unlike my opponent, I will not support legislation that is pro-tax, pro-regulation, and soft on crime.