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Candidate profile: William Lindstedt, State Representative - District 33

William Lindstedt is running for Colorado House District 33.
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William Lindstedt is running for Colorado House District 33.

Democrat William Lindstedt is going up against Republican Stacie Dougherty for the Colorado House of Representatives District 33.

The candidates are vying to take the seat of Rep. Matt Gray, who withdrew his candidacy before the June primary.

House District 33 includes Broomfield, Superior, and parts of Westminster and Erie.

The Broomfield Leader asked the candidates questions about their campaigns — here are Lindstedt’s responses.

Campaign website:

If you are elected, what’s the top issue in your district that you will advocate for in the legislature?

I'm running to make Colorado a more affordable place to live and raise a family, to ensure every community has great public schools, and to protect our environment. 

What are the other important issues that represent your campaign platform?

Protecting reproductive healthcare access and the freedom to choose is very important to me. I also care a lot about housing affordability and public safety. 

Broomfield is among the communities in our state that have outgrown their resources, which has caused issues with affordability, infrastructure, education and the environment. How can leaders minimize the impact of ‘growing pains’ for residents?

As a member of the Broomfield City Council, I have seen the positives and negatives of so much growth in such a short amount of time. We need to do a better job of investing in infrastructure, public schools, and services like public libraries and mass transit to accommodate the growth. As a state lawmaker, I will work to find additional resources for growing communities to keep growing and to maintain a high quality of life. We are lucky to live in a state and community that so many people want to call home. 

What experience would you bring to the seat, if elected?

I bring a few different perspectives to the General Assembly. I have experience getting tangible and bipartisan results in local government. I grew up in a broken home in poverty, and I understand what it's like to need a hand up under challenging circumstances. Finally, I would be one of the youngest members of the Colorado House of Representatives, which would give me a different perspective on many of the issues facing our state.

What are the central differences between you and the other candidate seeking this seat?

I have an actual track record of getting bipartisan results on the Broomfield City Council. I have worked hard to build relationships with people with different perspectives to get real results including funding for public infrastructure and affordable housing. I have the background to be an effective bipartisan legislator on day one of the legislative session.