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Centaurus High students pass eco knowledge to new generation

The high school students helped the younger students understand the importance of sustainability while having fun.

The Eco Warriors at Centaurus High School hosted an Eco-Night on Thursday dedicated to engaging and educating young kids about sustainability. 

Hanna Carlson, a junior at Centaurus and member of the Eco Warriors, said the event was designed to connect with the community, especially younger kids. 

“... we want to kind of shape it around education and towards elementary schoolers, because that'd be a cool way to get involved with the community around this (sustainability),” Carlson said. 

Carlson adds learning about sustainability from a young age is very important. 

“I'm a big believer that sustainability needs to be talked about a lot in early childhood so that you think about it throughout your life,” Carlson said. 

When the presidents of the Eco Warrior club asked if anybody wanted to plan an event to connect with young kids, Isabella Oliver, a junior at Centaurus, said she was excited to jump in. She said she remembers attending seminars and assemblies at school focused on recycling when she was young. 

“They talked about: What do you recycle? What do you throw in the trash? And I was just so bored. I was like, ‘Why do I care about this?’” Oliver said. 

She and the other Eco Warriors wanted to try something different at their event. The Eco Warriors said the event was focused on making sustainability fun and engaging for young kids. They had Earth Day bingo, recycling and composting relay races, pot decorating and more.

“I feel like events like this are an interactive way to get them (young people) to start thinking about it, where it is fun, and it is engaging, so that they start associating these ideas and what they are with something that's super cool … And we're giving them like simple ideas of how they can implement simple things in their lives,” Oliver said. 

The Eco Warrior club at Centaurus has approximately 45 members and is one of the largest clubs at the school. Carlson said one of the reasons she enjoys the club so much is because of the amount of projects they work on and how involved the club is in the community. 

Alexa Lorton, a junior at Centaurus, also contributed to the event and is excited to continue their work in the community and with kids next year through the Eco Warrior club. 

“I have like met with so many different organizations and whatnot, and learned about so many different ways that I can help and it's helped me. And then hopefully, when we're presidents next year, we can help give other people like ideas and how they can help with the environment and climate” Lorton said.