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Community applauds inaugural JSX flight at Rocky Mountain Airport

Dozens of people were on hand Thursday morning for the inaugural flight by JSX at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, which offers hop-on jet service from Colorado to Dallas or Burbank.
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Rainbows appear during a water cannon salute to accompany the inaugural JSX flight at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport on Thursday.

Dozens of people were on hand Thursday morning for the inaugural flight by JSX at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, which offers hop-on jet service from Colorado to Dallas or Burbank.

“There’s a buzz in the community,” Marketing and Communications Director Ben Kaufman said. “There was a crowd of 30-40 people that came out just to see our inaugural flight.”

JSX offers one-way direct flights to Dallas and Burbank.

“It is … all of the things you love about flying and none of the things you hate,” he said.

Established in 2016, JSX currently operates a fleet of two-dozen jets that were reconfigured from 50 to 30 leather seats, with each row featuring power outlets and business-class legroom.

Among the advantages of JSX jet travel are reduced boarding times.

“You get to the airport 20 minutes before your flight and you are right on time,” he said.

Security protocols have also been streamlined, while still meeting TSA-approved procedures.

“We do our own noninvasive security and a lot of times customers don't even know that they've been through it,” he said.

The JSX security process delivers a higher level of per person screening than found in the main passenger terminals at bigger airports, Kaufman said. 

“There's no crowds, no lines and no hassles,” he said. “It is a very thorough security process, we just do it differently than the main passenger terminal.”

Security precautions also involve vetting passengers against the Department of Homeland Security’s national no-fly list. 

“We actually look at every single bag on the airplane and swab them for trace explosives, and weapons detection,” he said.

JSX is also pet-friendly with cats or dogs under 65 pounds flying free inside the passenger cabin.

“If the dog ... or cat can fit in the carrier under the seat there's no charge,” he said. “We’re the only carrier that lets people do that.”

Additionally, pets too large to fit in carriers but still meeting weight restrictions can also fly with an additional seat purchase.

The typical JSX client varies widely, in large part due to post-pandemic societal changes, Kaufman said.

“It used to be a little more predictable before the pandemic, you had your very traditional leisure on the weekend and business on the weekday,” he said. “As the world has changed and people's work environments changed, you see the business and leisure demographics bleeding together.”

The mix of passengers on the first day of service at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport ran a wide range, Kaufman said.

“There was a family going hiking with their two young children, an older couple that was going to visit family, three guys going on a bachelor trip, a couple of people traveling for business and a younger person going back to college a little bit early,” he said.

Looking ahead, Kaufman said JSX recently expanded its fleet of jets and plans on adding new routes in the future. 

“Earlier this summer we started flying in Gunnison,” he said. “Colorado has been on our list for a long time and finally this summer we were able to make it happen.”

JSX began seasonal flights from the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport to Austin via Dallas on June 30. 

While few details are yet available, Kaufman said additional flights from Colorado are planned.

“We would like to add two more markets from the Rocky Mountain airport this year,” he said. “I can promise you they're going to be popular.”