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Sibshops inspires mother to bring parents together in Broomfield

A local mother hopes to gather more post-pandemic support for parents of children with special needs.

Bal Swan Children’s Center workshops have inspired a local mother to bring together parents of children who have special needs.

Randi Cummings is a single mother of two children, one of whom has special needs. Cummings says it’s essential to bring together families like hers, and she aims to start a parents group to do just that.

“It’s fellow parents we learn the most from,” she said. “They’ve been there before us, and they’ve experienced the same things.”

Cummings was inspired by the Bal Swan Children’s Center’s Sibshops, which help connect siblings of children who have special needs.

“Some of them have very high medical needs and they’re at the doctor all the time, and maybe the other child has to stay at school, or is with grandma,” Cummings explained. “And it’s just not the same — they really want their parents.”

That family dynamic is difficult, and the ability to connect with other parents in the same situation is essential, she said. 

Cummings is doing everything she can to reach out to other parents like her, in hopes of creating a group that can bond and learn from one another, she said.

“I’d love to hear back if this is something they’re interested in, or if we can move further with it,” Cummings explained. 

“It would be great if the parents would also have a group together during the Sibshops, to meet at the same time, and maybe help those parents in understanding the sibling relationship. We might have different topics each month, or every time we meet, we have certain things we can go over based on the interest of the parents.”

The planning for the parents’ group is in its very early stages, Cummings said.

“I know right now, finding childcare is very difficult, and finding the right person to watch your child,” she explained. “So I think what we’re trying to do is possibly have some students come and maybe even watch the children. Bal Swan is a great facility for daycare — they have everything there, and they’re well-equipped to handle children with special needs.”

Until her goal of creating a parents group comes to fruition, Cummings is rallying support for Sibshops sponsorships — the Bal Swan Children’s Center aims to raise up to $2,000 in sponsorships to help families afford the $200 registration cost. The workshops are set to begin Jan. 22 at FRIENDS of Broomfield, 11851 Saulsbury St.

Cummings is asking any parents who are interested in forming a group to contact her at [email protected]