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Stamp Out Hunger delivers new supply of food to FISH

Broomfield FISH accepts food donations all year.

Broomfield residents graciously donated thousands of pounds of food on Saturday to restock the market shelves at FISH. 

Postal workers Saturday, not only delivered mail but they delivered donated nonperishable food items to FISH volunteers.

The estimated 80 volunteers quickly shuffled the food out of postal trucks and into crates that were later delivered to FISH’s main facility at 6 Garden Center. Shelves were stacked along the outside of the Broomfield Post Office as crews of volunteers sorted the items.

The food was taken by truck nearly two miles to the Broomfield FISH location where more volunteers unloaded the goods donated by locals. 

Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera and Mayor Guyleen Castriotta visited the food bank and learned that, in past years, the food bank’s Stamp Out Hunger event has led the state at number three for several years.

“Last year Hunger Free Colorado estimated that roughly 33% of Coloradans lack reliable access to nutritious food which only underscores the importance of the day’s event and your work today,” Primavera said to a group of FISH volunteers. “You are helping to put food on the table for families in need here in our community.”

Each year Broomfield FISH raises around 40,000 pounds of food from this single event. Each month the food pantry distributes over 100,000 pounds to residents. 

“This is just a drop in the bucket but a very important drop,” said Executive Director Dayna Scott.

Maggie Sava, FISH communications and media relations manager, said that although the number of families FISH is currently serving is less than the peak of the pandemic, the numbers are still high. FISH reports that 852 families utilized the FISH marketplace in March compared to 1,166 in March 2020.

“This is impressive. Seeing the shelves so pretty and stocked and it gives the clients that dignity of being able to choose what they want to eat and what their family can really use. I applaud you for continuing and weathering the storm throughout the pandemic and for figuring out ways to keep it going,” Castriotta said. “I’m so excited you are about to get a new supply to feed families and fuel hope. 

Update: Broomfield FISH estimates the food drive will yield around 25,000 pounds of food, only a quarter of its monthly distribution. Some residents have continued bringing food in all week because they missed the Saturday event, Sava said. Final totals are expected later in the week.