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Voters hit the polls in Broomfield

Lines were small and steady at one of Broomfield’s most popular voter centers in the late afternoon on Election Day.

With many Broomfielders voting via mail and dropbox, there was less competition on Election Day for those who prefer to vote in person.

Fewer than a dozen people were lined up late Tuesday afternoon at the George Di Ciero City and County Building, just several hours before polls close at 7 p.m.

Bette Erickson, former Broomfield mayor pro-tem, was one of the in-person voters. She wore a bright red blazer and Americana scarf for the occasion.

“I normally mail it in, but I like the ceremony of voting in person too,” Erickson said. 

She has also worked as an election judge in Broomfield, but couldn’t volunteer this year due to a recent knee surgery, she said.

Broomfield resident Patrick Browne said he’s voted in person his whole life, and doesn’t intend to stop now.

“I just like coming in person,” he explained. “It’s a big day in our country.”

Browne said he hopes that more young people — particularly those under age 35 — will understand how important it is to vote.

“I don’t know what it’s going to take to change that,” he said.

As of 9:30 a.m. on Election Day, 29,465 registered voters in Broomfield had returned their ballots, according to a report from the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. 

More than 1.7 million ballots had been returned in Colorado:

  • Unaffiliated: 664,846 (38.52%)
  • Democrat: 534,149 (31.47%)
  • Republican: 499,278 (28.93%)
  • Other: > 1%

As of Nov. 1, there were 53,137 active, registered voters in Broomfield, according to the city and county clerk and recorder.